Car accidents are a major cause of injury in the United States, and they happen all too often. If you have been involved in an auto accident, you must know your rights as a victim. You may be entitled to get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages. 

This blog post will go over how to file a lawsuit after an auto accident with the help of a personal injury lawyer so that you can get the money you deserve!

Having an auto accident can be emotionally devastating, to say the least. It puts you through months-long health issues, a bedridden routine, and a financially ruined lifestyle. The purpose of this blog post is to provide clarity on how filing a lawsuit after an auto accident works with the help of a personal injury lawyer so that victims know what they can expect if they decide to pursue legal action against negligent drivers.

To file a lawsuit after an auto accident, you must first provide proper notice of your intent to do so. This is called serving the driver or their insurance company with what’s known as a Notice of Intent. If they are served in person and accept service (meaning that they admit responsibility for injuring you), then it can be done verbally on the scene by telling them, “I am going to sue you.”

In addition, you’ll need to include all information about your injuries (including any hospital records), how they happened, and why you think it was this person’s fault that they occurred. You should also provide copies of bills for medical treatment, wage statements for lost wages/job search activities during recovery time, and other damages incurred because of the accident.

After these are submitted along with the Notice of Intent form and initial fee payment is made at least 30 days after submitting the notice to pursue legal action against negligent drivers (known as pleading ), there is usually a hearing date set within 180 days from the notice. You can hire a professional personal injury lawyer like Brach Eichler Injury Lawyers for this purpose to have a hassle-free claim filing experience and receive your compensation on time.

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The US witnesses millions of accidents every year that contribute to hundreds of thousands of people getting injured and tens of thousands of them losing their lives. No matter how much the government tries, the accident rates don’t seem to come down. A crucial reason behind this situation is people’s careless driving behavior. 

Many drivers engage in reckless driving and behave as if they own the road and that there is no one else driving around. These people deserve to be punished so that many innocent pedestrians and car owners don’t lose their lives. 

What Is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving is a driving behavior shown by vehicle owners in which they stop caring about others on the road and break all the traffic rules. Such drivers don’t stop at the traffic signal, consume alcohol or drugs before starting the drive, engage in speeding, call or text others while driving around, and discard every traffic rule that’s there to protect people traveling from one place to another. Racing is another form of reckless driving. 

People try to race with each other on busy roads where senior citizens or pedestrians may be present. All these actions can potentially lead to accidents, injuries, and deaths of innocent people. 

If you ever get into a car crash due to someone else’s fault who was driving recklessly, then make sure you report the incident to the police and hire a law firm like Adam S. Kutner Accident & Injury Attorneys to file a case in the courtroom. There is no excuse for such a crime, and you, as a victim, should make sure that the person at fault pays for his actions. 

When you hire a skilled personal injury lawyer, there is no way he can get away without facing the consequences. Also, it’s the easiest way for you to get compensation for your financial and personal property loss. 

So, keep these points in mind and connect with a personal injury lawyer who has a solid track record and 100% success rate while representing victims of road accidents, especially reckless driving.

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The Problem of Stress

Headaches, a lack of sleep, and a dependence on caffeine are all telltale signs that you’re in a time of high stress. Stress like this usually occurs during times of major change, like during finals if you’re in school, or during a particularly hectic work cycle. Aside from these symptoms, stress can have other effects on the body.

Weight gain can occur if you’re stressed because you might be tempted to find comfort in junk food. Or, you do the exact opposite and struggle to eat if your stress causes you to lose your appetite. Physical stress can lead to back pain or an eye strain. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, those types of injuries are more common than insomnia that can be triggered by mental stress.

Another kind of symptom of stress is an ulcer. A stress ulcer occurs when some form of injury to the body triggers irritation around the stomach. Many people describe the pain as a burning, itching sensation. Antacids can help reduce the acidity of the stomach to offer some temporary relief from a stress ulcer.

The best course of action for a stress-related ulcer is to eat mild food and go to a doctor and see what treatment is the best for you. The worst thing for treating a stress ulcer is to get more worked up, so stay calm and listen to the doctor’s orders!

Sometimes people think they have an ulcer brought on by physical stress, but what they actually have is a peptic ulcer. Peptic ulcers in the stomach are referred to as gastric ulcers, while ulcers in the lining of the small intestine are duodenal ulcers.

Peptic ulcers irritate the stomach with pain similar to that of a stress ulcer, but they have a different cause. The two main causes are overuse of NSAIDs or aspirin, or the H. pylori bacteria. Adults that are middle-aged and older are more susceptible to this type of ulcer because they tend to take aspirin-based medication more frequently than younger people.

Some of the symptoms of a peptic ulcer differ from a stress ulcer. GastroCare says that people suffering from a peptic ulcer might have difficulty eating fattier foods without pain. Bloating and gassiness are also common symptoms. These symptoms will likely be more severe in between meals or if you’ve gone a long time without eating because of the increased stomach acid, Other, more severe symptoms are vomiting and black, tarry stool. A loss of appetite, weight loss, and severe nausea are also red flags.

If you have any of the latter symptoms, seek medical attention immediately! Because these ulcers are basically just small open sores in your stomach lining, ignoring them can lead to internal bleeding, infection, or even an obstruction in the digestive tract. It’s a lot easier to go to your physician for an ulcer than it is to have emergency surgery to correct an internal bleed.

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Carpal Tunnel is an insidious syndrome. The reason I say that is because it is such a slow process to reach that syndrome, and yet once you have it, you have to deal with a real struggle that can cost you work and money, all because you did nothing but type away on a keyboard.

Because keyboards are so important to modern work, it’s difficult to avoid many hours damaging your nerves typing away. By typing so often, with your fingers lower than your wrists, you are constantly raising your risk of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. But what can you do? There are few real options that are effective. You can raise your computer up so that your fingers type upward, but this is not particularly comfortable and often looks ridiculous. I have known some who put boxes under their laptops so the keys are elevated, and it is as silly as you would expect. Otherwise, the best option is simply don’t type. But how far will you get in the modern business world with that?

Now, since you can’t avoid it, once you have developed Carpal Tunnel, you’re in real trouble. You’ll have to rest your hands, no matter what, which means no emails written, no documents typed, no important messages responded to. You have to ice your hands. You may even have to have surgery if the syndrome gets serious enough.

This can obviously lead to a serious loss of income. You may lose your job, or be threatened with it. You may have to hire a lawyer who will defend you and get you placed in long-term disability. Regardless, you are looking as serious expenses for treatment, loss of work, and potential legal issues.

All that, simply because you typed your working hours away like everyone else.

What is most nefarious about this syndrome, though, is simply how slowly it creeps up on you. For me, I was almost sixty when it hit. I’d worked for decades in offices without any complaint from my hands, and then, suddenly, I started getting a numb feeling in my fingers, and when I went to the doctor, sure enough, it was Carpal Tunnel. The diagnosis came when I was the head of my department, in charge of writing up reports on our productivity.

My case was both lucky and unlucky. I was lucky in the fact I had good health insurance and that I could get others to type for me while I recovered. I was unlucky in that I was denied by long-term insurance and had to keep working, keep driving to work (which could be painful) and lose out on needed months of rest to make sure I got completely healthy again.

Nowadays, I’m better, but I’m still constantly wary of any chance that syndrome might return. I take every precaution, including typing as little as possible each day, which certainly affects my productivity.

I can’t be the only one. We need to find a way to change the keyboard or change our communication so that this doesn’t happen so often. The results, once you have Carpal Tunnel, are simply too devastating.

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Colon Cancer

The colon, also known as the large intestine, is the lowest part of the digestive system. Its function is to absorb water and salt from solid wastes (food left over) and then get rid of these after all nutrients have been extracted. A problem that will affect the colon can occur, however, if the growth of the large intestine cells gets out of control. When this happens, the specific resulting problem is colon cancer.

Colon cancers usually start from what is called adenomatous polyps – small, non-cancerous tumors that form on the large intestine’s inner walls. These polyps can become malignant colon cancers over time, though, if these are not removed during a procedure called colonoscopy – when a doctor looks at the intestine’s inner lining.

When malignant tumors grow, it can metastasize, that is travel through the blood and spread to other parts of the body, and invade and destroy other healthy tissues. In 2016, the American Cancer Society estimated 95,270 new cases of colon cancer in the U.S.

Scientists are not certain why cell growth gets out of control and cause the development of colon cancer. They have identified potential factors that can increase the risk of colon cancer, though, including:

  • Damage or mutations to DNA;
  • Genetic predisposition that is inherited from family members;
  • Age, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and tobacco smoking;
  • Diets low in fiber and high in fat, calories, red meat and processed meat; and,
  • Diseases and conditions, including Diabetes, radiation treatment for other cancers, acromegaly (a growth hormone disorder), Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Symptoms of cancer usually depend on where the cancer has spread, where it is located and how big the tumor is. Colon cancer patients, specifically, usually feel symptoms only after the cancer has grown. These symptoms are: diarrhea or constipation, changes in stool consistency, rectal bleeding or blood in the stool, pain, cramps, or gas in the abdomen, painful bowel movement, continual urges to defecate, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and iron deficiency (anemia).

The GastroCare LI center, which specializes in GI issues, liver diseases, and nutrition, know that when something is wrong within your body, it can really throw you off and lead to a wide variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms that can all be linked back to some form of internal disorder. Thus, consulting with the right doctors, whether you’ve just started experiencing acute pain and discomfort, or you’ve been dealing with your issues for some time, may help you find relief.

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